Tomer Kosher began perfecting the art of Fresh Kosher Beef in 2009. They went through several partners, mechanical systems, and Kosher specifications before arriving at the perfect combination of Rabbinical Supervision team and Beef Producer, Elkhorn Valley Packing. Elkhorn created a kosher program from scratch with the help of Tomer Kosher’s Rabbinical Production Team. They implemented the following changes:

additional meat rinses at all stages of fabrication

lung checks for fatty lesions—the best indicator of the health of the cow

deveining & separating out only forequarter meat (the front of the cow)

processing kosher meat on stainless steel surfaces designated only for kosher beef

soaking & salting the meat—a natural process to remove excess blood & bacteria

packaging the meat without ever freezing in a low oxygen environment to preserve freshness

rabbinical supervision everyday at every step of the process

Thus, the most essential & most delicious cuts of fresh kosher beef were born: Brisket, Ground Chuck, Stew Meat, Ribeye, London Broil, and Skirt Steak. Next step, cooking.


A lot of beef sticks use synthetic collagen casings or meat mixtures, maybe some hydrolyzed soy, wheat filler, dairy, mechanically separated chicken, high fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrates or dextrose or fillers & filler & more fillers. We use 100% Fresh Kosher Beef and some spices, stuffed into a casing made from actual kosher beef skin. Our jalapeno is made with fresh jalapenos. Pepper is made with cracked black pepper. Hot is made with crushed red pepper. The flavors are simple, bold and made of 100% fresh kosher ingredients.