Finest Butcher

Finest Butcher Custom Meat Processing, Inc.


Located in Bealeton VA, Finest Butcher is a federally inspected USDA meat processing facility.  We offer custom cutting for Beef, Hogs, Lamb & Goats. 

Animals are processed to your specification using our custom cut sheets.


In addition to cutting, we offer a range of finer processing. Sausage seasonings are available in a variety of flavors, many without MSG, and can be done with all species.  Bacon and Hams may be cured and smoked and come with or without nitrites.


Per USDA regulations, all product is to be labeled prior to leaving the building.  While all meat processed here may be resold, Finest Butcher offers a choice of either generic or private labeling.  Generic labels have our name and the identity of the meat on each package.  For a one time set-up fee, private labels include your farm name, identity of the meat and weights of each package. 


Our goal is simply to provide you with a safe reliable service and a marketable end product.


Finest Butcher Meat Stick Packages

The Finest Butcher Package was created to bring a variety of shelf stable meat snacks to our customers. A new meat snack selection each month, delivered as a subscription or for individual purchase. Finest Butcher is shining the light on farmers, meat processors, and butcher shops across the U.S. The result is an incredible variety of meat sticks, strips, bars and jerky with flavor, sustainability and your health in mind.


Great for active, on the go, Men, Women and Children. Unique protein packed meat snacks with no unnecessary ingredients or fillers. All MSG free! Delivered right to your door each month.