Pork Cut Sheet Information

There are five sections to Pork, remember there are two of each section (one for each side of the animal), they are as follows:

The Loin – We can cut this one of two way, Pork Chops or Loin Roasts (bone IN or Boneless), For Chops the thickness would need specified (average is 1”) and/or the Roast size in pounds (average 2-3lbs).

The Side meat (or also known as the Bellie) – This is what you could choose for us to cure and smoke bacon for you in either a regular brine and hickory smoke or no nitrites brine and hickory smoke (for an additional charge of $2.50/lb on the weight of the side meat), and slice it to a specified thickness (thin, medium or thick). We could just fresh slice it, which would be no brine or smoke at all. Or grind it to add to the ground.

The Ham - These can be either left fresh, cured in the specified brine and hickory smoked (for an additional charge of $2.50/lb on the weight of the ham), or ground up to add to the ground. Once the above has been decided then you may choose to leave it whole, cut in half, cut into specified sized roasts or cut steaks. Also, it is popular to cut center cut ham steaks and leave the ends as roasts. Just specify how thick to cut the steaks and a weight for the end roasts.

The Shoulders – This section is made up of the top portion or known as the Boston Butt and the lower portion known as the Picnic. We can leave them as whole shoulders, cut the in half as a whole boston butt and a whole picnic. They can be cut as specified boston butt roasts, specified picnic roasts, or just shoulder roasts. They can be cut as steaks specifying the same things or ground up to add with the ground.

The Ribs – This can be left Whole Ribs or otherwise known as Spare Ribs or cut into smaller portioned  sized pieces which is Short Ribs. Or they can be ground up to add to the ground.

Ground Pork / Sausage – We have a 15lb minimum per item per flavor to season for sausage. (See the Further Processing page for the different sausage options).

The Special Instructions – This area you would put the different items that you have an interest in and did not see it on the cutting instructions. Such as, Leaf and Back Fat. Keeping Ham Hocks and or Shoulder Shanks separate either fresh or cured and smoked (for an additional charge of $2.50/lb on the weight of the hocks and/or shanks). Keep the Jowls (we do cure and smoke those but they are too small to be sliced). As well, as anything else you may think of.  

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