Lamb & Goat Cut Sheet Information

There are five sections to Lambs and Goats, remember there are two of each section (one on each side of the animal) they are as follows:

The Loin – Most commonly known for the Chops. Typically you want to cut these on the thicker side (1.25” or 1.5”), since they are small in size. You can also cut the Loin as Roasts either Bone In or Bone Out.

The Rib – Most commonly known for whole Racks. We can either leave them whole or French them (remove the meat from between the bones) for $1.50/lb on the weight of the rack. You can also have them cut into Chops, like the loin chops the thick the better.

The Shanks – There are typically two Fore Shanks and two Hind Shanks. They can be left whole, cut into Osso Bucco or deboned and the meat be put in with the ground.

The Legs – Most commonly known as Leg of Lamb/Goat. These we can either, leave whole, cut them in half, cut specific size roasts or cut steaks out of them. The option to Debone, Roll and Tie is very popular and has a charge of $1.50/lb on the weight of each leg.

The Shoulder – There are several ways to have these processed, Whole, Roasts, Chops or Ground up. The latter is the most common.

Plain Ground and/or Sausage – We have a 15lb minimum per flavor per item to season the ground for sausage, the more sections that are ground up the more likely you are to be able to choose different seasoning options. (see the Further Processing page for the different sausage options).

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