Thrushwood Farms philosophy is very simple. It is to create a quality product that the Hankes family would be proud to serve their family and yours. Over the last thirty-five years, Thrushwood Farms has helped families with Making Memories Out of Meals®

Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats, Inc. is a family owned business serving their customer in west central Illinois since its opening in 1978. Jim graduated from the University of Illinois with a Masters in Meat Science and had various jobs in the meat industry before starting the business. Kae graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Home Economics education and worked as an assistant Home Economics Advisor before joining the business in 1979. In 2004, Doug graduated from the University of Illinois in Animal Science and after several internships decided to return home to the family business. 2006 was another significant addition to Thrushwood Farms with Jeff Hankes coming back to the family business. Jeff has his degree in Agricultural Education from the University of Illinois. Thrushwood Farms has been expanded four times to now span over 27,400 sq ft over the year with the most recent expansion in December of 2012. Thrushwood Farms utilizes a unique combination of modern technology and old world methodology to create the finest award-winning products for our customers and our private label customers.