Shaffer Venison Farms Inc. is a family owned, family operated venison and elk processing plant located in central Pennsylvania. For over 15 years Shaffer Venison Farms has been committed to high quality venison and elk products free of any stimulants such as growth hormones or other chemicals. Because the animals’ diet consists of natural foods and minerals, you can be assured of healthy, tasty, venison products.

Why Shaffer Venison?

We are a family business that is committed to the highest quality venison at the most reasonable price that we can. We want our customers to come back to us every time they need venison or elk and to develop a relationship that lasts a lifetime. We are so committed to giving our customers the best products we can that in December 2000 we opened our own modern processing plant so that we can control the quality of our venison from the farm until it gets to your front door.