Grayson County farmland has been in Gary Mitchell’s family for seven generations. An entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to farm preservation and animal husbandry, runs deep. At thirteen years old, Gary’s daughter Mary borrowed money to purchase cows for her school 4H project. Lucas, Gary’s son, took on a three-year loan to buy his first five cows. Through a family effort, the Mitchells have created a mindful, thriving farm business that provides them the opportunity to produce wholesome, grass-fed beef for our customers.

Just over the hill, Charlotte Hanes purchased her farm twenty-five years ago, with the vision of creating a model of local sustainability for the surrounding community. In 2007, the Ivey family, Brantley and Whitney, joined forces with Charlotte to build a scalable, yet ecologically sustainable enterprise. While the Iveys have only been in Grayson County for a short time, they are excited to raise their kids on the farm, as they help Landcrafted Food build for the future.

We finished construction and opened our own smokehouse and production facility, here in Independence, VA. With our combined efforts in grass-fed cattle farming now established, Landcrafted Food is setting its sites on becoming the only national brand of grass-fed meat snacks that both raises cattle and manufactures it’s own products. We are not a cleverly marketed outsourcing gimmick. Our people have a vision (and most importantly, a plan) to connect customers to the farms in and around Grayson County, VA.