Kickass Beef Jerky was founded in the early 1950’s by Charles Littel. He made and sold the Jerky in his own butcher shop that was located in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Forty Five years later, his grandson Charlie Littel took over the business and has partnered with other companies to bring you the Kickass label you currently see today!

Kickass products are currently sold at various establishments throughout 16 states including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan.

In 2017 Charlie’s son, Jeremy Littel has stepped in to take over the family business. Jeremy has been a big part of the Kickass brand since 2005 promoting and growing the company to where it is now. Jeremy and the Kickass team along with the support of our devoted customers and distributors will continue to grow and promote the Kickass brand, a brand that will be recognized and sold nationwide.