We are Garrett Valley, a family-owned, family-operated company dedicated to crafting only the finest all-natural and organic meats.

Our family has always believed in a higher standard of natural, and we founded Garrett Valley with that thought in mind.

Today, we remain in business to make natural mean what you think it should mean. Because consumers like you deserve the truth about what really goes into your food. Because natural should mean natural.

 We Never cut corners. Unlike other brands which sell the illusion of natural, Garrett Valley goes the extra mile to ensure our products are all natural to its truest definition.  That means always free of antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

Our animals are never given growth hormones or antibiotics, and animal by-products are never used in the all-vegetarian feed.

We never pumped our meats with extra water to inflate their weight. Its quality you can actually see—our bacon barely shrinks when you cook it.

We never have, and never will, use ingredients or “fillers” like sodium phosphate, carrageenan, or partially hydrogenated oils in any of our products.  We don’t understand how products can contain these ingredients and still be called “natural”.

It might not be good for our bottom line to abide by these morals, or partner only with farmers and processors who hold the same values as we do, but it sets us apart, and it’s what you, our customers, deserve.

Garrett Valley is proudly independent. There’s no corporate giant calling the shots at our office.  We’ve always been independent and family owned, and can set standards of natural that are higher than the industry standard because of this.

Other brands are just now realizing they need to remove the harmful and artificial ingredients from their products.  We at Garrett Valley never had to, because we never used them.

This philosophy is true now and from the very beginning, when our founder, Lou Colameco decided he didn’t want his children eating over processed meat products with no health benefits nor nutritional value.

We’ve been proudly independent (and proudly transparent) since Lou started Garrett Valley in 2001 – now that’s natural.