After several years of being jerky enthusiasts who were always a little disappointed and underwhelmed with what we bought in stores, we began to wonder if we could start our own company. We had been making jerky and meat sticks in our kitchens for years. We loved trading recipes and techniques with each other. Everything we made, we gave away to friends and family and we noticed that people always came back for more. Knowing we could make a better tasting snack and seeing how much everyone enjoyed our jerky is what drove us to start our own company.

The inspiration to create the El Norteño brand was born over a meal with friends from Mexico. Long after the plates were cleared, we talked into the night about the power of food and became inspired by the traditional Mexican recipes and the rich, vibrant culture of Northern Mexico and Texas.

We put our heads and hearts together and turned El Norteño from a dream between friends into a reality. The name was chosen to pay tribute to the fun, vibrant, joyful Norteño music and music culture so well-loved throughout Northern Mexico, Texas and the Southwestern US. We then traveled to Mexico, Los Angeles and finally Texas on a quest for the authentic recipes, flavors and spices that would become our brand’s first creation: Mexican-Style Beef Jerky, a style called Cecina Original.

We continued adding styles and flavors and perfecting our craft and recipes. We teamed up with two brothers from Monterrey, Mexico to give El Norteño its musical look and feel. We are proud of El Norteño and we want you to truly enjoy what we have put our passion into. We created El Norteño so you could experience the same satisfaction and bold, unique, rich flavors that we first discovered in our own homes and with our friends and families south of the border.